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With 17 Years of experience Absolut Pest Control is the Pest Exterminator for you!

Absolut Pest Control services most of Eastern Massachusetts including the North Shore, Boston Metro Area and the following towns and cities:

Amesbury, MA
Absolut Pest Control is founded and based out of Amesbury, MA and we are proud to be a part of such a great community and to be able to protect its homes. Located just South of the New Hampshire boarder, Amesbury is considered the Northern most town in the State of Massachusetts.
Originally settled in 1655, Amesbury, MA was considered a Farming and Mill town. However, today it is largely residential and has a population of roughly 17,000 residents. High volumes of people tend to cause some issues with pest control due to large amounts of food getting thrown out by households and businesses. The first solution should be to securely close your outdoor trash bins so that the mice and rats cant get into them. Should you still have an issue, the next step it to properly equipt and protect your home so they are unable to get in.

The older buildings from back in the mill days tend to make bugs and rodents a big problem in the area. These buildings have a lot of areas for rodents and insects to hide out in and nest over the winter months. Don’t let them get the best of your home or business. Call Absolut Pest Control today to protect of home or business from any unwanted rodents or insects.

Boston, MA
Absolut Pest Control is headquartered out of Amesbury, MA but we focus a lot of our business in the Boston, MA area due to the high volume of people, restaurants and food. Boston is unofficially the “Capital of New England”, home to dozens of prestigious Colleges and hundreds of nationally reknowned restaurants and pastry shops.
Rodents are known to be attracted to restaurants and densely populated areas due to the large amounts of food that get thrown out on a daily basis. No matter how cautious the restaurants are with their leftovers, the rodents will find a way into the dumpster. Extremely messy college dorm rooms can also be a problem if not taken care of properly. Make sure your Dorm, Apartment, Home and Restaurant are properly sealed off to keep these pesky rodents outs. Locations that tend to have the most rodent problems are the ones located close by to a restaurants dumpster. This can be a breeding ground for rodents, especially rats. Do the right thing and make the call!
Don’t wait until it become an issue, make sure your home is properly protected and sealed off so you don’t ever have to deal with the startling moment you see a mouse or rat run across your floor. Call the experts at Absolut Pest Control and we will assist in all your rodent removal and pest problems.
Haverhill, MA
Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but our services extend well into Haverhill, MA and beyond. Haverhill was a big part of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and it is known for its tanneries, shipping and shipbuilding.
A byproduct of Haverhill being a large part of the industrial revolution is now that town is home to some old buildings, mills and structure from the 18th century. Some still abandoned, some are now occupied, but all effecting the surround community with pest control issues. These old structures can be breeding grounds for many rodents like mice and rats, which could eventually find their way into your home.
Rodents are also known to be in an abundance close to restaurants because of all of the food that gets thrown out at the end of each buseiness day. If your home is close to a restaurant or one of the old mills, make sure you protect you home against these intruders by calling the experts at Absolut Pest Control. We are trained professionals that know how to handle all home and rodent problems. Not only can we clear up your current pest problems, but we will make sure this rodent problem is not reoccuring.
Newburyport, MA
Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but we offer our services to Newburyport, MA and well beyond! Newburyport is a beautiful coastal town located roughly 30 miles north of Boston, MA. Mostly known for its fishing, importing of molasses and exporting of rum, Newburyport flourished during the 17th and 18th centuries.
With the distribution of products like fish, molasses and rum, Newburyport was thriving and offered many jobs in the area. On the other hand, sugary products like those also attract a lot of unwanted insectrs like bees, ants and other bugs. Dumpsters behind restaurants are also major breeding grounds for rodents like mice and rats. Keep your home protected from unwanted pests by calling the professional exterminators at Absolut Pest Control to make sure that your home, apartment or business is not at risk.

Newburyport is also known for it historic buildings from the Industrial Revolution and even earlier. Right before the historic downtown was almost demolished, the Federal Government stepped in and helped preserve the downtown area and provided money for it to be renovated. Newburyport still has many old and historic buildings that are a hot bed for insects and rodents. If you are renovating an old mill into an apartment complex or business, make sure that you properly protect your building by calling in the pest control experts.

Peabody, MA
Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but we provide our services to Peabody, MA and well beyond! Like many Boston suburbs, Peabody is an old, historic town that played a large part in the Industrial Revolution. Although the town started as a farming community, Peabody was a major center of New England’s leather industry and tanneries remained a huge part of the city’s economy into the second half of the 20th century.
Today the tanneries are gone, but Peabody has remained prosperous through other forms of economic development like joining the automobile revolution. The only problem with all this history is the old factory buildings that remain. Old run down mills and buildings, especially the abandoned ones, are a breeding ground for rodents like mice and rats. Even occupied mills pose a risk if not properly protected by a pest control expert
If you live close by to any of the old, historic buildings, your home may be at risk. Another major rodent attraction are dumpsters behind restaurants. If any of this applies to you and your home, Call the experts at Absolut Pest Control. We can search your home up and down to make sure that it is protected from unwanted intruders.
Beverly, MA
Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but our service area reaches out to Beverly, MA and beyond! Beverly is beautiful coastal resort town located 25 miles north of Boston, MA. Its past has a broad range of history, ranging from the disputed birthday place of the U.S. Navy, to the country’s first Sunday school.
One of the major footprints on Beverly’s past was that Beverly is considered “The Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”. This is because Beverly is the site of the first cotton mill in America in 1787. Beverly was also home to the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, which built a quarter-mile stretch of factory buildings in 1906. Today the cotton mills and Shoe Corporation no longer exist, but the buildings and mills do. Some of them have been renovated and turned into medical offices and hi-tech companies, but still remain highly at risk of pests and rodents. These buildings were constructed entirely different than buildings are constructed today. Rodents and pests can maneuver easily though the walls and basements of old buildings.