Absolut Pest Control is headquartered out of Amesbury, MA but we focus a lot of our business in the Boston, MA area due to the high volume of people, restaurants, and food. With the large number of businesses, apartments, and homes in Boston, there are often issues with rats, mice, and other pests. Our team is equipped to handle insect and rodent control problems throughout the Greater Boston area. So whether you own a restaurant in Cambridge or an apartment building in Brookline, our team is available to help you deal with your pests.

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Commercial Mice & Rat Removal in Boston

Nothing drops a restaurant’s code score like rodents being discovered near the kitchen. Rodents are known to be attracted to restaurants and densely populated areas due to the large amounts of food that get thrown out on a daily basis. No matter how cautious restaurants are with their leftovers, the rodents will find a way to the dumpster. Don’t lose your business over a small mouse. Hire professional and licensed pest control experts to deal with your problem. Not only will Absolut Pest Control get rid of rodents from your restaurant or other business, but we will also find the root of the problem and offer solutions that will keep rodents out for good.

Residential Pest Control in Boston

Throughout Greater Boston, mice, rats, and other pests bother tenants. If they don’t pay rent, they should not be living in your apartment. Absolut Pest Control can help remove rodents from your apartment. Not only do rodents damage your furniture and steal your food, they also can carry diseases. Rodents should always be dealt with as quickly as possible. If you are a property manager or homeowner, Absolut Pest Control can make recommendations to seal up your living areas to avoid future rodent problems. If you are a tenant, Absolut Pest Control can help get rid of rodents quickly and effectively. We only use humane & methods in removing pests, to protect you and your other pets from harm. Do the right thing and make the call!

Other Pest Control Services for Boston

Aside from handling rodents, our team specializes in the removal of a variety of common pests including:

  • Bees & Wasps: Absolut Pesto Control provides safe and environmentally friendly solutions to beehives on your property. Bees are an important part of our environment because they pollinate flowers. However, many people are allergic to their stings, so it is important to safely remove their hives and relocate them to areas where they can safely live.
  • Termites: Termites aren’t just a nuisance, they destroy property causing hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages. If you notice signs of termites in your building you may need fumigation services. Our team can help insect and exterminate termites.
  • Ants: Absolut Pest Control provides infestation solutions for both carpenter ants and regular ants. All ants can be a problem when they infest your business or home. Give us a call to help handle them.
  • Fleas: If you have pets, you may end up dealing with fleas or ticks. These pests carry a variety of diseases including Lyme disease. Absolut Pest Control can help.
  • Mosquitoes: Everyone dislikes mosquitos. If you have a large number of them near your property it may be because there is a breeding area nearby (ie. a marsh). Learn how to deal with mosquitoes from our team of licensed technicians.
  • Squirrels: Squirrels are fine when they are in the Boston Common or the Public Garden. But if they end up in your building they can be difficult and even dangerous to try and get rid of. Our team can help. Simply give us a call.
  • Roaches: Roaches are not uncommon in Boston basements. And where there are one or two roaches, there are probably many more nearby. Absolut Peston Control can help get rid of your roach problem.

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Don’t wait until it becomes an issue, make sure your home is properly protected and sealed off so you don’t ever have to deal with the startling moment you see a mouse or rat run across your floor. Call the Absolut Pest Control experts at 978.388.4589 and we will assist in all your rodent removal and pest problems!