Absolut Pest Control is headquartered out of Amesbury, MA but we focus a lot of our business in the Boston, MA area due to the high volume of people, restaurants, and food. Boston is unofficially the “Capital of New England”, home to dozens of prestigious Colleges and hundreds of nationally renowned restaurants and pastry shops.
Rodents are known to be attracted to restaurants and densely populated areas due to the large amounts of food that get thrown out on a daily basis. No matter how cautious the restaurants are with their leftovers, the rodents will find a way to the dumpster. Extremely messy college dorm rooms can also be a problem if not taken care of properly. Make sure your Dorm, Apartment, Home and Restaurant are properly sealed off to keep these pesky rodents outs. Locations that tend to have the most rodent problems are the ones located close by to a restaurant’s dumpster. This can be a breeding ground for rodents, especially rats. Do the right thing and make the call!

Don’t wait until it becomes an issue, make sure your home is properly protected and sealed off so you don’t ever have to deal with the startling moment you see a mouse or rat run across your floor. Call the Absolut Pest Control experts at 978.388.4589¬†and we will assist in all your rodent¬†removal and pest problems!