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Mosquito Prevention Services

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The first step in dealing with mosquitos is understanding what causes them to breed in such large quantities. Although you might not start noticing, and being annoyed, by mosquitos until early summer, they have likely been breeding around your home for weeks. The average mosquito breeds over the course of two weeks. In order to breed, they require standing water for their eggs. When winter ends and the weather gets warmer, excess rainfall creates the puddles that they need to create large numbers of mosquitos. The best way to avoid mosquito problems in the summer is with prevention in the spring. At Absolut Pest Control, we want to help our customers get pest control solutions that don’t just address immediate concerns but instead are effective longterm. That is why we provide preventative services. Every spring we recommend that homeowners survey their property to ensure that their homes are not vulnerable to infestation. That means checking wire screens, looking for holes in siding, and removing standing water. Contact us to learn more about pest prevention.

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Mosquito Pest Control in Massachusetts

When mosquitos are a problem around your home you may want to call pest control to help. Mosquitos are not just an annoyance but are also potentially dangerous. Mosquitos transmit a variety of diseases, some of which can be extremely dangerous. If you have mosquitos that are constantly bothering you and your family, you should consider a professional treatment of your property. Absolut Pest Control can treat your outdoor areas including your patios, pool area, backyard, decks, and the perimeter of your home with pesticides to prevent the spread of mosquitos. Our treatments last 2 to 4 weeks (dependent on weather conditions).

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