pest control bostonAll ants live in colonies, consisting of an egg-laying female (queen), short-lived males, and workers (sterile females). The ants you see foraging in your garden or kitchen are workers. Workers that find food communicate with other workers by depositing a chemical message on the ground as they crawl back to the nest. Although we cannot smell it, this “trail pheromone” sticks for long periods of time and helps other ants find the food at the end of the trail.

Fortunately, ant problems are entirely controllable under professional care. However, the quality and price of service you will receive varies widely from company to company.
We don’t just postpone the problem, we stop it at the source so it doesn’t keep coming back. Using state-of-the-art equipment and methods, our licensed exterminators will inspect your home’s environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

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How To Tell If You Have Ants

There are a variety of ways to tell if you have ants in your home. Obviously, the easiest way to tell is visual. If you notice ants crawling around your kitchen, dining room, or another room in your home you may have an anthill nearby or in your home. Ant colonies often send out scouts to search for food, and if they find it they will make a home. But there are other signs of ants that you should be aware of:

  • Wood Shavings: If you notice wood shavings around your furniture or walls, or you notice small holes, it is likely that there are carpenter ants or termites in your home.
  • Colonies In Your Yard: Another thing to be on the lookout for are anthills around your driveway. Even if the ants’ home is in your backyard, they are likely marching to your kitchen for food.
  • Sounds: Believe it or not you may be able to hear ants in your walls. Carpenter ants for example may make rustling sounds as they build their nests.

How To Prevent Ants

There are many ways to prevent ants. But first and foremost you need to make sure you remove anything that attracts ants. Crumbs and food debris attract all sorts of pests. If you want to prevent will ants, clean your home regularly, avoid bringing food throughout your house, and make sure trash bags are closed and secured when you throw them out. Additionally, you will want to make sure ants can’t easily get into your home. Inspect window screens, your home’s siding, as well as doorways for any cracks or gaps that would make it easier for pests to get inside.

How To Get Rid of Ants

There are a few DIY methods for getting rid of ants. If you have an infestation the best bet is to call pest control, but if you just have a few ants it may work to simply use a bait trap. There are many ant bait traps that you can buy at grocery stores and other retail locations, but you can also make your own ant bait as well. Borax mixed with sugar works as a strong bait that can be placed around the house where ever you have ant problems. If your ant problem isn’t solved with bait, you should consider hiring a professional for a full cleaning.

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