Affordable Pest Control Services from Amesbury to Boston

Absolut Pest Control has been providing Massachusetts homes and business with high quality and reasonably priced pest control services for over two decades. All of our pest control experts are licensed and specialize in working in different environments and on different jobs. Learn more about our team here. Between our years of experience, professional equipment (including sprays, and lifts), and our dedication to customer service, when you have a pest problem you should hire Absolut Pest Control.

Our owner Paul F. Fougere has solved every pest problem he has come across. So no matter what you are deailing with, we can help. That said, there are a few common pest control jobs we want to highlight.

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Ant Control

Got a problem with ants? What can start as a few scouts can quickly become a colony, which can quickly become a headache. Our team not only gets rid of ants but also helps assess future preventative measures.

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Bat Removal Service

No one wants to deal with bats in their attic, garage, or basement. Bats can be difficult to remove compared to other animals due to their ability to fly. If you have a bat issue, we can help.

An example of a bedbug that Absolut Pest Control gets rid of

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs have become a much more common problem in the last decade, and many people are allergic to them. If you notice signs of bedbugs in your home, hire Absolut Pest Control to take care of them.

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Environmentally Friendly Bee Removal

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. But that doesn’t mean you want their hives on your property. Absolut Pest Control can safely remove hives and relocate them to safer areas. It’s a win-win all around.

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Carpenter Ant Control

Regular ants may eat your food and be generally annoying, but carpenter ants can cause extensive proprety damage. And if you see a few in your home, there are possibly hundreds living in your walls and crawlspaces. Need help dealing with carpenter ants, give us a call!

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Flea Control

Sometimes your pets bring more than a tennis ball home from the park. If your pet has fleas, they can quickly spread to the rest of your home. Absolut Pest Control can help deal with flea infestation.

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Roach Exterminators

Whether they are in your home or your office, no one wants roaches. As far as pests go, getting rid of roaches can be very difficult and can require more than just a large boot.

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Rat, Mouse, and Rodent Control

Whether it’s rats, mice, voles, moles, or another rodent, you don’t want it in your home. Besides spreading disease, rodents can destroy your property. Not only will we remove rodents from your home, but we will also provide future preventative methods to keep rodents out.

Squirrel Removal in

Squirrel Control

Squirrels may not be a problem when they are outside of your home, but if a squirrel becomes trapped inside your house, you will want it removed professionally.

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Termite Fumigation

Termites destroy properties. As soon as you notice signs of termites in your home, you need to make sure they are dealt with. Unchecked termites will erode your home or building’s walls, support beams, and foundation.