Absolut Pest Control provides pest removal and extermination services throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Our team of licensed pest control experts helps both companies and homeowners deal with insects and rodents that are present on their property. Bees are a unique pest to deal with. On the one hand, many citizens have allergies to bees that can be deadly, which is why it is vital that businesses properly deal with them. On the other hand, bees are a vital part of our environment and the decrease in bees throughout the world has a negative impact on our environment. That is why Absolut Pest Control provides a removal and relocation service for bees and beehives whenever possible.

Environmentally Friendly Bee Removal in Massachusetts

Absolut Pest Control believes that it is important to preserve bees whenever possible. Their impact on our environment should not be taken lightly, which is why our team aims to relocate hives instead of exterminating bees. However, it is not always possible to relocate a hive and extermination is sometimes necessary. Generally, our team will come to your location and our expert bee trappers will work to remove any hives carefully. Hives are then brought to an area where they can thrive away from cities, towns, and suburbs. Of course, as we mentioned this is not always possible. There are cases where bee extermination is the best option. This is especially true when there are people present who have deadly allergies to bees.

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Safe Bee Removal For Massachusetts Businesses

Our highly trained team of bee removal professionals is comprised of expert bee trappers. Our top priority when working with bees is safety. That includes our team’s safety, our client’s safety, and the safety of anyone nearby. We take as many precautions as possible when removing or exterminating bees so that everyone will be safe. Following safety, we make sure to not damage your property when removing hives and use specialized tools to avoid and scratching or issues. Lastly, we focus on preserving as many bees as possible. As a business, removing bees is a responsibility to your employees and your customers in order to create a safe environment. Absolut Pest Control provides pest services for restaurants, retail locations, homeowners, & property managers. If your building needs pest control, give us a call.

Wasp & Yellowjacket Control For Massachusetts & Southern New Hampshire

Bee, wasp, and yellowjacket hives can cause a lot of problems for Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents. During the spring and summer, hive infestation can become a serious problem. DIY removals can lead to stinging and property damage if done incorrectly. That is why you should call Absolut Pest Control to visit your property and remove the insects carefully and professionally. Our team specializes in the removal of wasp, yellowjacket, and bee nest removal. Homeowners and businesses throughout Massachusettes trust Absolut Pest Control to remove nests every spring and summer. It is especially important for businesses with outdoor areas like restaurants to deal with stinging insects promptly so that their customers do not have to worry about getting stung. Bee removal is part of the group of pest control services we offer to businesses and property managers in the area. Contact us online to learn more.