Over the past 10 years, bedbug infestations have become a more common occurrence worldwide, especially in North America. Adult bedbugs are usually a brown to reddish brown color, about 1/8-inch wide and flat. Nymps, or immature bedbugs, are small and almost look to be translucent. Bedbug eggs are very small, measuring only 1mm and are pearly white. Because of this, they can be difficult to identify.

To enter your home, bedbugs have to be introduced from a previously infested area-they won’t enter from their just any outdoor environment. You can pick up bedbugs while traveling, staying at a hotel, buying previously owned furniture, etc.

Signs of Bedbugs

There are various indications that bedbugs have made their way into your home:

  • You see them crawling on your bed, walls, floor, etc.
  • Because they feed at night, you might wakeup in the morning with bites. Bedbug bites are typically found from the waist up and show up as red welts.
  • Bites will usually show up in line instead of just one single bite or welt.

Bedbug Treatment Preparation

When preparing for your home’s bedbug treatment, you’re going to need to remove all clothes, linens, etc. from closets, dressers and any other storage areas. Wash them in hot water and put in your dryer on hot. Once they are dried, put everything in bags and be sure to tightly seal them to kill off any existing pests and eggs.

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