Manchester By The Sea is a small coastal town located on Cape Ann. Being located right by the water, there is a large insect population that forms due to standing water after tidal shifts during the Spring and Summer. Don’t let your beautiful beachside property get ruined by termites or other insects. Absolut Pest Control can help with our professional pest control services!

Tick Control in Manchester, MA

One of the services that we offer to the residents of Manchester By The Sea is tick control. This is one of our most requested services for the area due to the climate. Spring rains and summer heat create the perfect breeding environment for ticks that can pester your pets and you. Ticks are not only a nuisance, but they also can carry dangerous viruses like Lyme disease. Ticks can mainly be found in your backyard, parks, and bushland. If you or your pets are in these areas often, it’s very important to be aware and check yourself and your pets regularly.

Mosquito Extermination in Manchester By The Sea

Another service that we specialize in is mosquito control. Mosquitoes usually begin to appear in the area in early summer and can be very annoying when they are around your home. Aside from the problems of itchy bite marks, mosquitoes can also transmit dangerous diseases. For all of our pest control services, we always use safe, environmentally-friendly techniques to make sure that we only affect the insects. All of our products are rated safe for people and pets and are designed to primarily exterminate insects.

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