Mosquito & Tick Control in Manchester, MA

Manchester by the Sea is a small coastal town located on Cape Ann that Absolut Pest Control offers pest control services!

One of our services¬†that we offer to the residents of Manchester is tick control. The peak of tick season is usually Spring and Summer when the weather gets warmer and is combined with rain. Ticks can mainly be found in your backyard, parks, and bushland. If you’re in these areas often, it’s very important to be aware and check yourself and your animals regularly.

Another service that we specialize in and offer to Manchester is mosquito control. Mosquitoes usually begin to appear in the area in early summer and can be very annoying and a nuisance around your home. Not only are they annoying but mosquitoes can also transmit dangerous diseases.  We always use safe, environmentally-friendly techniques so that it only will affect the insects and never the people!

We believe in treating our customers right, which means that we work hard to be competent, reliable, and affordable. Call Absolut Pest control today at 978.388.4589¬†and let’s talk about how we can help you with mosquito & tick your problem!