Cambridge Massachusetts is most well known for its schools. Located just across the Charles from Boston, Cambridge is home to thousands of families and residents that work in the city. A lot of the housing and businesses in Cambridge are older buildings that are much more susceptible to issues with pests. Absolut Pest Control is headquartered out of Amesbury, MA and we focus a lot of our attention on helping residents and business owners deal with pests in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Pest Control Services in Cambridge Massachusetts

Absolut Pest Control is a year-round provider. Pests are very seasonal with bats and rodents becoming a larger problem in the winter and insects becoming an issue during the spring and summer. For a full list of pests we deal with visit our services page.

  • Rat & Mouse Control: Rodents are a serious problem. For homeowners, they spread disease, destroy food, and are frankly unpleasant to deal with. For commercial properties and businesses they can tank your reputation and can cause health code issues. If you have a rat or a mouse problem, don’t wait: call us.
  • Termite Extermination: Knowing the signs of termites is vital for a homeowner or business owner. Termite infestations can destroy property and eventually ruin the structural integrity of a building. That is why Absolut Pest Control offers inspection services as well as termite extermination.
  • Bat Removal: If there is a bat in your attic, garage, basement, or really anywhere on your property we will remove it. We do not recommend trying to remove bats from your property on your own. Bats can be dangerous and hurt you or your family. If there is a bat in your home, use our emergency hotline number.
  • Environmentally Friendly Bee Removal: Bees are an extremely important part of our environment and ecosystem. That doesn’t mean a homeowner wants a hive on their property. Absolut Pest Control removes beehives while protecting the colony so that it can be relocated to somewhere safer.

Pest Control For Commercial Properties in Cambridge Massachusetts

Does your commercial property need routine pest control? Absolut Pest Control provides regular services for restaurants, retail locations, and realtors throughout southern New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts. If you manage a Cambridge apartment building or business, we can help you get rid of pests and provide pest control support including recommendations to prevent pests from entering in the first place. Give us a call to learn more.

Contact Absolut Pest Control

Absolut Pest Control is one of Massachusett’s best pest control options because of our competitive rates and high-quality services. Keep your home or business safe from pests by having us perform inspections, preventative pest control, and by using our extermination or pest control services. Call the Absolut Pest Control experts at 978.388.4589 and we will assist in all your rodent removal and pest problems!