The town of Essex belongs to Essex County, MA, and was incorporated in the year 1819. Previously a part of Ipswich, Essex is located 13 miles southeast of Newburyport and 26 miles north of Boston. Home to many businesses and families, the Absolut Pest Control team is often traveling to Essex to provide pest control services as well as our preventative services.

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Commercial Mice & Rat Removal in Essex

There is nothing worse for your restaurant that customers or health inspectors finding signs of rodents on the premises. Even outside of the food industry, no business wants to have pest problems. But they are very very common. And if a visitor to your commercial property sees a pest it can greatly damage your reputation. You shouldn’t lose business over something as small as a mouse. Absolut Pest Control can help you handle rodents, insects, and more. Additionally, we provide preventative services that can stop rodents from getting in, to begin with. After every pest control service, we will help the property manager prevent future infestations by making recommendations.

Residential Pest Control In Essex

With a population of roughly 3,500 people, the town of Essex certainly isn’t large but that does not mean they don’t suffer from their share of pest problems. Whether it’s bed bugs wreaking havoc or squirrels getting into your attic, our professional team can solve all of your pest concerns. Whether you need help getting rid of pests from your home, office building, or small business, our team can get the job done. Suffering from pest problems is stressful enough so finding a company to solve the problem shouldn’t be.

Other Pest Control Services for Essex

Aside from handling rodents, our team specializes in the removal of a variety of common pests including:

  • Bees & Wasps: We provide environmentally friendly bee removal services for businesses and homes in Essex. If you have a bee, wasp, or yellowjacket problem we would be happy to help. Bees are very important to our ecosystem since they keep flowers pollinated. That being said, you probably don’t want a hive right outside your front door. We will do our best to safely relocate the bees to a place they can thrive.
  • Termites: Termites are not just an annoying insect, but one that can easily cause damage. Termites quickly destroy property. If you find termite wings, pods, or signs of termites around your wooden furniture, we would be happy to provide fumigation services.
  • Ants: Our team provides both carpenter ant and regular ant removal services. All ants can be a problem when they build their colonies on or around your property. Give us a call to help handle them.
  • Fleas: If you have a pet dog or cat that spends time indoors and outdoors, you may end up having a problem with fleas. Fleas are an especially dangerous pest as they can transmit diseases like Lyme disease. If you need to get rid of fleas, we can help.
  • Mosquitoes: No one likes getting bitten by a mosquito. These annoying pests not only cause irritating bites but like fleas and ticks they transmit diseases like West Nile. Mosquitoes breed near standing water so if you have water in your gutters, birdbath, or somewhere else on your property you might have a breeding ground.
  • Squirrels: No one minds a squirrel in the park or in the woods, but loose in your home or garage can quickly cause problems. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other large animals can be dangerous when cornered. If you have an issue with an animal in your home give us a call.
  • Roaches: Roaches are not uncommon in businesses and homes. And where there are a few roaches visibly scurrying across the floor, there are probably many more nearby. Absolut Peston Control can help get rid of your roach problem.

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If you’re in the town of Essex, MA, and need help with a pest problem, contact us here at Absolut Pest Control. We can be reached at 978-388-4589 or you can choose to fill out our online contact form.