First settled in 1639, the town of North Hampton was not officially granted township until the year 1742 shortly after New Hampshire separated from Massachusetts. The 14.4 square mile area contains over 1,600 households that are comprised of more than 4,200 people. These residents are proud to call the town of North Hampton their home as the town has a lot to offer not only these residents but also tourists as well including a variety of public attractions and a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

Although the attractions located within North Hampton are what draw individuals to the town, the geography and climate do as well. While it also draws in some unwanted guests in the form of pests. Since the town of North Hampton is located within New England, it experiences all four seasons and as a result, a variety of different weather throughout the year. This means that homes in the area are susceptible to numerous different types of pests at any time during the year.

Despite this, North Hampton residents have no cause for concern as Aboslut pet control is proud to offer a variety of services to those in the area. Whether you’re dealing with bees, bats, or anything in between, our team of trained experts can help today. We have earned a positive reputation by providing homes throughout the North Hampton area with exceptional pest control services for over 17 years.

North Hampton Pest Control & Removal Services

Absolut Pest Control can handle any of your pest control needs and is proud to offer a full warranty with any completed work. We are sure to complete our jobs in a courteous manner and our vehicles are discreetly lettered. These are a few of our pest control services available to those in the North Hampton area:

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Our staff has the extensive knowledge needed to handle any pest control problems your North Hampton home may encounter. Whether you’re dealing with one, two, or multiple pests we can take care of everything and make sure your home is pest free in no time. For more information about Aboslut Pest Control and our wide variety of available pest control services, contact us today through our online contact form or by telephone!