Absolut Pest Control is founded and headquartered out of Amesbury, MA and we are proud to be a part of such a great community and to be able to protect its homes and businesses from harmful pests. Located just South of the New Hampshire border, Amesbury is considered the Northernmost town in the State of Massachusetts.

Commercial Pest Control in Amesbury

Originally settled in 1655, Amesbury, MA was originally a Farming and Mill town. However, today it is largely residential and has a population of roughly 17,000 residents. High volumes of people tend to cause some issues with pest control due to large amounts of food getting thrown out by households and businesses.

Absolut Pest Control offers a variety of pest control, removal, extermination, & relocation solutions that include:

  • Rodent Control – Whether it is mice, rats, voles, or something else, we got you covered. Rodents damage property, ruin food, mess up your trash cans, and can even carry disease and flees. Our team will not only remove the rodents but also make recommendations to keep rodents away by sealing off entry points.
  • Termite Extermination – Termites are terrible for home and business owners. They can destroy a property’s structural integrity and plummet resell value. Dealing with termites saves you a lot of money and keeps your family safe from structural problems down the road.
  • Flea Extermination – There are many ways fleas can enter your home. No matter how they got in, they need to be dealt with professionally. Our team will quickly and effectively remove fleas from your home.

The older buildings from back in the mill days tend to make bugs and rodents a big problem in the area. These buildings have a lot of areas for rodents and insects to hide out in and nest over the winter months. Don’t let them get the best of your home or business.

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