Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but we provide our quality services to Peabody, MA and in other surrounding areas! Like many Boston suburbs, Peabody is an old, historic town that played a large part in the Industrial Revolution. Although the town started as a farming community, Peabody was a major center of New England’s leather industry and tanneries remained a huge part of the city’s economy into the second half of the 20th century.

Today the tanneries are gone, but Peabody has remained prosperous through other forms of economic development like joining the automobile revolution. The only problem with all this history is the old factory buildings that remain. Old run down mills and buildings, especially the abandoned ones, are a breeding ground for rodents like mice and rats. Even occupied mills pose a risk if not properly protected by a pest control expert. Our experienced exterminators can handle a pest, termite, or rodent problem in any home or business in Peabody, MA.

If you live close by to any of the old, historic buildings, your home may be at risk. Another major rodent attraction is dumpsters located behind restaurants. If any of this applies to you and your home,  Call the experts at Absolut Pest Control at 978.388.4589We can search your home up and down to make sure that it is protected from unwanted intruders!