The town of Newbury belongs to Essex County, and spans about 26 square miles. However, three of those miles are entirely water. Newbury is just south of the mouth of the Merrimack River. Much of the town is comprised of marshes, part of which is the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, and therefore protected land. It is bordered by Newburyport, Groveland, Georgetown, and Rowley. Newbury lies 32 miles northeast of Boston. According to a recent census, the population of Newbury is 6, 666.

Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and various protected lands can make it a bustling area for pests. The marsh lands in the area encourage large amounts of mosquitoes and insects in the spring and summer months, and sometimes rodents and other creatures from the local refuge can find their way to your home to cause trouble. That’s where Absolut Pest Control comes in. We proudly serve Newbury, MA, and are available to any resident who requires pest services.

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