Expert Exterminators in Beverly, MA

Absolut Pest Control is headquartered in Amesbury, MA but our service area reaches out to Beverly, MA and beyond! Beverly is beautiful coastal resort town located 25 miles north of Boston, MA. Its past has a broad range of history, ranging from the disputed birthday place of the U.S. Navy to the country’s first Sunday school.
One of the major footprints on Beverly’s past was that Beverly is considered “The Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”. This is because Beverly is the site of the first cotton mill in America in 1787. Beverly was also home to the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, which built a quarter-mile stretch of factory buildings in 1906. Today the cotton mills and Shoe Corporation no longer exist, but the buildings and mills do. Some of them have been renovated and turned into medical offices and hi-tech companies, but still remain highly at risk of pests and rodents. These buildings were constructed entirely different than buildings are constructed today. Rodents and pests can maneuver easily through the walls and basements of old buildings.

Absolut Pest Control has a team of professionals that are rodent removal experts and know how to get rid of pesky rodents in your home or business, permanently. Call us today for an appointment for an evaluation on how rodent-proof your structure is at 978.388.4589 or fill out our contact form, or call our emergency line the moment you know you’ve got a rodent problem!