Clinging proudly to its rural roots, Hampton Falls is a residential town that provides a small business community which includes a country store, furniture stores, restaurants, a shopper’s village, an agricultural supply store and various antique shops. The town hosts one of the oldest working apply orchards in the united states which also happens to be amongst the town’s largest employers as well as taxpayers and there is an abundance of operational Horse farms, permits for which the building inspector’s office still receives. Those who do not work at the local businesses such as this often commute out of town to earn their living, as Boston and Portsmouth are only 45 and 15 miles away, respectively and Route 95 is accessed easily from Hampton Falls.

Hampton Falls Pest Removal Services:

Pests are drawn to rural towns such as this but Absolut Pest Control is committed to ensuring that residents of Hampton Falls do not have to worry about such issues! We offer a variety of Pest Control services to those in the Hampton Falls area including the following:


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