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Winter Months Mouse Control Exterminator Amesbury MA Boston

mouse12As the temperatures begin to drop, the cold weather begins to force unwanted rodents indoors. The problems that many people in the Northeast tend to run into are the smaller, cuter mice that can sneak through the tiniest of cracks and intrude your home. The last thing you want is a tiny scurrying mouse running across your dining room floor as your family sits down for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

One reason mice pare a tough pest control problem is because of their small size. All they need is a quarter-inch gap to gain entry into your home and require only miniscule amounts of food and water to survive. As a result, mouse infestations are much more common and difficult to control than rat infestations. Mice infestations are also every bit as hazardous to health and property. Mice eat and contaminate human and pet foods, preferring grains but apparently willing to nibble on almost anything, including your valuables or memory-filled photo albums.

Mark sure that your house is secure before the temperatures begin to plummet and force the mine inside. Call Absolut Pest Control today to come take a look at your home or business and find the areas in your house that are vulnerable.

Mosquitoes & West Nile in Massachusetts

Many towns throughout Massachusetts are under warming for traces of West Nile Virus being found in Mosquitoes. First it was only found in bird-biting mosquitoes but new news is out that West Nile, or EEE, is now being found in mammal-biting mosquitoes, posing a significant threat to humans. Many communities in Massachusetts are being sprayed to try to kill off the mosquitoes but you should still take measures to protect yourself by bombing your lawn and always carrying bug spray with you incase mosquitoes get bad. Make sure to look up the symptoms for West Nile and be as educated as possible while trying to keep you and your family safe!

Spring Insect Problems – Boston, MA – Amesbury

With Spring fast approaching, that means millions of bugs will be coming out of hibernation or will be born. This means that they will be looking for a nice warm place to setlle. Don’t let this be your home! Protect your home against insects before they appear. Call Absolut Pest Control to make sure your house is properly sealed off and ready for any of these emerging insects. 978-388-4589

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