The town of Rye belongs to Rockingham County, NH, and is situated along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Occupying nearly 37 miles of land, Rye is home to several state parks that include Rye Harbor State Park, Odiorne Point State Park, Jenness State Beach, and Wallis Sands State Beach. Of the 37 miles Rye occupies, 24 of them are water. Interestingly enough, the community of Rye Beach, which is unincorporated and located in the southern part of town, has its own post office, zoning enforcement, and planning regulations.

Recent census data puts the population at just over 5,000 inhabitants, with roughly 2,250 households in the area. Seeing as Rye is such a popular destination in the summer, it’s important to keep your commercial business free of pests. Thankfully, we can help you there. Anything from roach control to termite removal is within our expertise.

Our Pest Control Services in Rye, NH, Include:

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