The town of Hampton belongs to Rockingham County, NH, and is situated beside the Atlantic Ocean. It is perhaps most famously known as the home of Hampton Beach, which is a highly popular tourist destination in the area. Hampton occupies a total area of nearly 15 square miles. Originally settled in 1638, the town now boasts a population of roughly 15,000 people. Living in a coastal town can bring about a vast number of pests, and Absolut Pest Control is here to make sure the denizens of Hampton have a pest control service they can rely upon.

Our Pest Control Services in Hampton, NH, include:

  • Rodent Control – Rodents can plague both your home and business and cause vast amounts of damage if left unchecked. We’ll ensure they are removed quickly and carefully so you can get back to your daily routine pest free.
  • Flea Control – Has your dog brought fleas into your home? While unfortunate, you can count on our ace team to rid your home of its flea infestation in a jiff.
  • Bedbug Control – No one wants to encounter bed bugs in a hotel room let alone their own personal bedrooms. Sadly, bringing bed bugs home with you is a lot easier than you think. As soon as you suspect there to be a problem, give us a call and we’ll help you out.

If you’re a resident of Hampton, NH, and require top-notch pest control services, please contact us! You can reach us at 978-388-4589 or by filling out an online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.